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We always believed in giving back to society and conception of Ek-sankalp was the outcome of this deep belief. Ek-sankalp is not just an NGO but an institution in itself with a vision of practical implementation of Right to Education and a mission of bringing every marginalized and left out kid under the umbrella of school education.

We unravel the hidden talent in every kid and hone it with our available resources so that these kids can create a space of betterment for themselves. Our every effort is focused towards the education and comprehensive development of underprivileged children by providing them a proper platform of learning and Compelling them to understand the importance of education. Felicitating good brains and encouraging them by organizing events like motivational sessions, Art classes, Yoga classes, Trips to Science and Art museum is yet another vision of our dedicated team.

With an explicit aim of bringing sustainable and impactful change in the lives of kids, we have collaborated with many kind souls and philanthropists. These people have propelled our cause by providing their precious efforts

With the support of like-minded people and organizations, Ek-sankalp is gradually helping the kids to unfurl their wings and realize their dream of living a better life. Our assistance is at every step, providing support and motivation to kids.

Ek-sankalp for a better tomorrow!