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NGO for CSR activities

Benefits for Ngo’s? What are CSR activities by Top brands?

No matter whether you own a start-up, small or large company, it is best to learn about Corporate Social Responsibility. Each company is a brand in the market and CSR activities provides a platform to elevate or uphold their reputation in public. In order to involve in CSR activities, it is necessary to know about CSR activities and what are the activities performed by top brands across the world. NGO for CSR activities is best where corporate get a platform to perform CSR as an initiative and ensure the social wellbeing and environment.

CSR is a continuous commitment by corporate companies to contribute to the overall development of the quality of life for the workforce, their families, local community and society. It is necessary for companies to behave ethically and understand their social responsibilities. NGO for CSR activities provides a platform that helps companies to contribute and grow as a good company, be good people and create a good environment. Before you involve in CSR, it is necessary to ask the question of why it is so important. As we know that corporate activities end up with environmental damage, production leads to danger to the customer and improper treatment of workers.

With this, it is necessary to involve in CSR activities to do some good. It is necessary to adapt to the environmental policies, do good to create the best environment for workers and organize some charities to help the weak and destitute section of the society. In order to emerge as a responsible company, NGO for CSR activities are best to choose for delivering your social responsibilities. Customers are not ready to pay additional to companies who are involved in CSR activities. Here are the reasons why companies adapt to CSR activities – Help in better public image, retain investors and customers, the better image in media and lead to voluntary participation in social activities.

Here are top brands that perform several CSR activities and have gained a high reputation at international level-


Employees at Microsoft raise funds and even attend the fundraising campaigns and attend fundraising events. This helps NGO’s and pick NGO for CSR activities. Employees constantly participate in such campaigns since 1983 and helped more than 31,000 organizations.


Starbucks is a socially responsible company and has supported in Ethos Water that helps to provide clean water for billion people and invest in CSR activities.


Nuskin is a personal care company that focuses on helping communities. Nourish the children is an important initiative from Nuskin. Since 2002 it has started donating nutrient-rich meals to needy children. So far it has donated over 350 million meals. The company also work to offer children relief from poverty, illiteracy and disease.


Walt Disney Company focuses on improving environment, community and participation in CSR activities. Company provided huge aid in the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. It is also known to contribute to its nature films that motivate people to protect the forest.

With choosing NGO for CSR activities, companies get an opportunity to give back to the environment.