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Why Ngo for education highly recommended in India?

When it comes to best implement the corporate social responsibilities companies must hire agencies that work to implement the programs effectively. Corporate now prefer Ngo for education as they truly work for the nurturing better future for children through education. Such agencies are in high demand in India as they

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What is CSR Corporate Support and why important for companies?

With the increasing number of companies in the global market, it is their responsibility to take charge of the social problems in society. For this, corporate leaders have to take action in handling issues like social equality, sustainability, and environmental problems. We know that such problems are huge and require

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Are CSR implementation agencies important for the Indian corporate?

In India, Corporate Social Responsibilities has gained popularity since 1960 and is now practiced in almost every business sectors. This refers to the business practice that involves social and environmental concerns and contributing to society. CSR implementation agencies have entered the market to provide the right platform to the corporate

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Why there is a need of aggressive CSR implementations?

In the past few years, corporate and business houses are aware of their role in social welfare activities. It is the need of the time for them to take active participation and contribute to the welfare of society. In helping such agencies CSR implementation agencies are playing an active role

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How CSR contributes to the society through NGOs

Of late, corporates don’t restrict with their business alone but are also contributing towards the social cause. This is called as Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR. They address issues like hunger, education, poverty, etc. This will have a positive impact on the society by encouraging them to contribute towards philanthropy.

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The 3 Benefits Of CSR For Businesses

CSR or corporate social responsibility are the business practices undertaken by corporates through which they participate in initiatives that can benefit society.CSR implementation agencies help businesses attain their CSR goals.

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CSR Activities Benefit Both Corporates And NGOs

Gone are the days when the corporate and NGO relationship were based solely on financial reasons and aspects. Now the corporates are using their various resources and skills to attain the shared values and objectives in a CSR NGO partnership.

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Factors to Check While Choosing An NGO For CSR Partnership

Around 67% of all domestic companies in India have chosen an NGO (Non-Government Organisation) for undertaking and completing their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) plans and projects. NGOs have blossomed in India, are worthwhile CSR implementation partners, and currently outnumber police-to-citizen ratio.

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Role of NGO in Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

Corporate Social Responsibility is now an integral part of corporate. This helps companies to contribute to the betterment of the society, environment and nature. In order to fulfil this dream of corporate, NGOs play a vital role. They handle different social welfare programs and helps companies to gain different benefits.

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NGO for CSR activities

Benefits for Ngo’s? What are CSR activities by Top brands?

No matter whether you own a start-up, small or large company, it is best to learn about Corporate Social Responsibility. Each company is a brand in the market and CSR activities provides a platform to elevate or uphold their reputation in public. In order to involve in CSR activities, it

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