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Connecting Livelihood

Connecting Livelihood

Connecting Livelihood

Giving Exposure to the farmers, weavers, potters, etc


For many people rural development is a simple and easy task. But, in reality, it has a plethora of complications attached to it. Since independence, a lot of programmes have been introduced to bring farmers, weavers, potters, and the related community at the forefront. However, until now, they haven’t experienced optimum growth.

  •    We, at Ek Sankalp, make sure that their rights are not violated so that they couldn’t be devoid of their share.
  •    They are given optimum exposure which could result in their overall development.
  •    Apart from providing them with basic facilities like security, education, medical provisions, etc; we ensure more flexible plans for them.
  •    We create a platform for them so that they could interact with members of their community and gain practical knowledge.
  •    Our exposure also enlists acquainting them with the updated technology as well as ongoing infrastructure facilities.
  •    Moreover, we even organize frequent visits for them so that they could gain the first-hand experience and learn new as well as updated techniques.


Empowering them with livelihood and employment opportunities


After giving farmers, weavers, and potters the full exposure for development; our next step at Ek Sankalp is to channelise the resources in the productive direction. Productive direction implies fetching livelihood and employment opportunities for the individuals of this marginalized society.

  •    For a self-reliant and sustainable society, our aim is to offer them a professional work so that besides being feeding their current family, they could save for their future generation too.
  •    The tasks we will be providing would be such that it will augment their effectiveness as well as efficiency.
  •    Our plans are very flexible that we could even introduce necessary changes if the time demands.
  •    We have a team of experts who are equipped enough to tap the hidden talent of these individuals.
  •    Once, the capabilities and talents come to the light; it becomes easy for us to find an appropriate livelihood option.
  •    No matter how much obstacles we confront on our way, we promise to keep your spirits high.


Controlling the rates, and making them self-sufficient


Once we had offer livelihood opportunities to farmers, weavers, potters, etc. our task doesn’t end here. We had to ensure that whether their entrepreneurial skills, resources, and machinery is updated or not. We target at their long-term growth and development.

  •    The products they offer must fetch a genuine price in the market.
  •    We keep a check on every type of exploitation. Also, we ensure that they are not undergoing any type of losses.
  •    We believe in making direct links of these individuals so they could link up directly with the potential buyers.
  •    We believe in extending hand of help in every type of circumstance.
  •    We leave no stone unturned in empowering them and creating more value for their products.
  •    However, our success only depends upon the active participation of these individuals. If they are willing to achieve something in their life, we are obviously with them at their beck and call.


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