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CSR Activities Benefit Both Corporates And NGOs

Gone are the days when the corporate and NGO relationship were based solely on financial reasons and aspects. Now the corporates are using their various resources and skills to attain the shared values and objectives in a CSR NGO partnership. Fundraising no longer remains the sole objective, and the relationships have goals to attain beyond the contractual terms. Corporates and NGOs are now in a bonding and symbiotic relationships, where they commit errors while learning and growing together.

Corporate Help the NGOs Scale and Grow

When the for-profit and non-profit organizations work along with each other, they help in achieving milestones that may be highly valuable for society. For instance, a partnership between Aviva and Plan (an NGO) in Indonesia has contributed towards changing the birth registration law. With the change, the street kids have also been registered. Corporates can enhance the scope of NGO plans, establish norms for scaling, and back the partners with adequate resources and professional expertise.

Companies Understand Their Social Impact With NGO Help

NGOs and corporate partnerships are necessary and widespread throughout the world. The laws make it mandatory for the firms to release some of their profits towards social upliftment. More than 87% of corporates find that a business understands the environmental and social issues better through a CSR NGO partnership. Not only does the partnership provide for social good, but also helps towards the improvement of business practices and ethical approaches that bring more sustainability to an organization.

Governments are also doing their effort to foster collaborative and fantastic relationships between the NGOs and corporates that may seem to operate in different areas, but do have converging interests. Metrics and analysis of the collaborative programs are also being implemented. Reports are being released to the public to get their feedback and to show how the partnership improves economic as well as social scenarios.