Ek Sankalp in the mission of enlightening and empowering the young minds of the country. - Welcome to Ek sankalp eksankalp
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Ek Sankalp in the mission of enlightening and empowering the young minds of the country.

Many people think that they have attained success in their life, after getting their business done well or after settling in a well-paying job with a 6-digit salary. But actually, Fulfillment in life is achieved when we give back what we take up from society. The best way that we can repay society and make it a better place to live for future generations is by concentrating on the education of underprivileged children. There are a number of Child educations NGO in Delhi and in India who are working towards the cause.

Education in fact is both the means and the end for a quality life. Education empowers an individual to lead their life and makes them aware of the things happening around them. Education makes one realize their rights and helps them to evolve as a better person.

Aspiring Team, apart from being a successful digital marketing company, catering to the online marketing needs of its clients efficiently, has also come forward to meet the growing educational demands of small and underprivileged children through its flagship program EK SANKALP.

About Ek Sankalp:

The ultimate aim of this flagship education program for school children is to have an all-inclusive approach towards their education and makes it attainable by all. Being a full-functioning Child education NGO in Delhi, Ek Sankalp believes in the practical implementation of the right of education to the last kid in society. It tries to focus all children under the umbrella of universal education and also get a step ahead in unraveling the hidden talent of every kid with the available resources. At every step, the team helps in creating a better space for the children where they are made to discover and develop themselves.

Apart from funding the education of the deserving children, Ek Sankalp also encourages and motivates them by organizing a number of classes such as art and yoga classes, trips to museums, motivational classes, etc.

In its effort in bringing about a sustainable change in the lives of children, they have joined hands with a number of like-minded individuals and philanthropists, who help in propelling their efforts. Together they are able to add a feather to the wings of small children and motivate them to achieve better things in their life.

Campaigns by Ek Sankalp to empower the little minds:

Ek Sankalp in its efforts to endure an all-inclusive approach towards equal education to all children has brought about a number of evolutional campaigns, which are as follows.

1. Reaching out to schools: The Volunteers at Ek Sankalp find and help school students near NCR and Delhi areas and help them with their school education.

2. Find a Home: Ek Sankalp missions to find a home for children with no biological parents and who have no means to finance their education as well.
3. Bringing all uneducated people under one roof: In order to establish organized school education for underprivileged children, Ek Sankalp pools its efforts to bring in maximum people under the umbrella of formal school education. They also reach out to schools to share their infrastructure so that children can nurture their knowledge through formal education.

4. Bridging the gaps between education and skills: The ultimate purpose of education is equipping the person with the skills for survival. There are a number of technically adept people with no formal education and there are also a number of people with many degrees and no skills. Ek-Sankalp works to bridge this gap with the help of many course modules for both the categories of people.

5. Linking the talents from our villages with the digital world: The digital and internet arena has shrunk the world and has helped millions of people earn their respect and empowerment. Ek-Sankalp plans to help rural India reach out to the digital world so that they sell their products online and help them live a livelihood.

Final thoughts: In our efforts to educate and empower the future pillars of the country, Ek Sankalp partners with like-minded individuals and volunteers to become the most active child education NGO in Delhi. They help in finding a home for the homeless, job for the jobless, and nourishing the young mind to think and train beyond the horizon. Children are the lifeline of our country and by education, the Ek Sankalp dreams of a better tomorrow and a prospective future.