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Ek Sankalp Talent Drive

Ek Sankalp Talent Drive

Ek Sankalp Talent Drive

Channelises the enormous talent into productive aspect

We, at Ek Sankalp, aim to nurture the children in such a manner that their every effort in the future leads to productive results. We believe in long term development of children.

  1. For this, we initially carry out extensive research, monitoring, and evaluation of their skills and fields of interests.
  2. Accordingly, we offer them the best technical assistance, training, and educate them with the best teaching methodologies. However, no matter how advanced education is, it is of no use if it can’t earn a livelihood.
  3. Thus, we target at building them a better version of themselves. Who knows this hub of talent may be assisting various institutes as a trainer or a teacher in the future?

A step towards a brighter future

Our nation-building is largely dependent upon the youth of our country. However, in our country, there is a large section of youth that is devoid of an adequate education as well as skill enhancement training.

  1. We have a team of experts who aim at eradicating this concern from the root.
  2. We want to turn unprivileged youth into privileged individuals so that they can aid in the economic growth of the country.
  3. With the diverse education programmes and skill enhancement techniques, we train them for the future.
  4. Based on their calibre, expertise, and knowledge; they will be placed in good companies. Some may commence their own venture and start teaching people directly.

So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the entire world

Anyone can impart knowledge and education. Have you thought who is worthy of providing quality education so that an individual can be successful in future?

  1. Well, Ek Sankalp is striving hard in channelising the time, energy, and efforts of these kids into collective results.
  2. If a single individual finds impossible to start a new business due to lack of confidence or resources, he can start something fruitful in a group. We empower them to open an institute and start taking group classes.
  3. Unity in diversity is something that takes an individual to new heights. With the support of a multitude of professionals, we will unwind the talent of every child so that he can welcome the new challenges and opportunities knocking his door.


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