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Once In A Day

Once In A Day

Once In A Day

Why do you think healthy living is quintessential for every human being irrespective of age, caste, sex, creed, etc?

The answer comes to be so as to remain fit and fine without the invasion of any disease. Well, the answer to this is quite broader in aspect.

It ensures a longer life expectancy, the healthy future generation, stronger immunity system, improved stamina to do work even at higher age of life, and fit body and mind. However, many people being too busy in their lives ignore the significance of healthy living. Instead, their indulgence in unhealthy activities is much more.

We, at Ek Sankalp, have taken a great initiative to arose awareness among people regarding “Healthy Living”. They should make this a way of their life.

Below are some of the life-changing activities that one must adopt in their lifestyle:

Start rejoicing the beauty of nature once in a day.

We have been bestowed upon with the beautiful nature. We are so much engrossed in our daily life that we forget to relish its beauty. Inculcate a habit of spending some time being with nature. It will not only lift up your mood and improve your memory but also make you a more creative person in life.

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Do fitness exercises once in a day.

Being fit is one of the secrets to lead a happy and healthy life. Now-a-day, numerous fitness centres, yoga centres, and gyms have sprung up. You can either enrol yourself in such centres or carry out the exercises within the four walls of your home. Heading towards gyms and fitness centres have an added advantage. Performing exercises with your mates and pals make the workout routine more interesting and challenging.

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Challenge yourself once in a day.

Concentrate on becoming a better version of yourself than you were yesterday. This can only be possible if you challenge your strengths, beliefs, and mind every day. Each day, push yourself a little more. Increase your willpower and grab every opportunity that knocks your door. You will soon realize that you are heading towards a successful life.

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Be optimistic once in a day.

Being optimistic will make you healthy and happier both in your personal as well as professional life. It links you to a positive mood, good vibration, and general well-being. Refrain using the words, “I m sick of Life”, “I m tired of life”, “I want to die”, etc. This will only fill you with negative vibes thus landing you in trouble. Always remember, When the world gets tough, the tough get going.

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Do meditation once in a day.

Meditation is the key to get rid of anger, anxiety, and depression. No matter you are a housewife, student, or a businessman concentration is of paramount interest. Meditation relaxes your mind and improves your concentration level. Making it your daily routine fills every cell in your body with energy. It brings stability in your inner thoughts thus contributing a great deal to your happiness.

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Spend your valuable time with your friends and family once in a day.

It is a proven fact that spending time with your friends and family augments your inner happiness and gives you a bonded and secured feeling. With their support, you can excel in your life. Good relationships improve the quality of your life and make you a happy go lucky person.

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Read good books once in a day.

Developing a habit of reading good books, magazines, and newspapers can take your life at a higher point. It not only widens your knowledge level but also broaden your mental horizon. Reading is the most enjoyable form of entertainment thus making your mind young and nimble. Great books can really help you find yourself.

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Express gratitude once in a day.

For a happy and contented life, it is quintessential that you should always be grateful for what you have. Always remember, life can never be perfect. Start accepting what you have and make the best of it. Such a positive attitude will always make you a better person, improve your relationships with others, and make you a happier person.

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Focus on learning something new once in a day.

Learning is an ongoing process. At every stage of life, a person learns something new. So, wake up each day with a thought that you have to learn something new. Besides, helping you to progress in life, it will trigger happiness within you.

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Disengage yourself once in a day.

While it is important to engage yourself in productive tasks and show your worth. But, sometimes it is also essential to disengage yourself periodically and enjoy your own company. Else, you will miss talking to an expert.Making the aforementioned activities a part and parcel of your life can lead your life in a positive direction. Our campaign “Once in a Day” is the all-inclusive approach. Under it, Ek Sankalp is always there to offer you every type of assistance. We just aim at bringing a ustainable change in society with our varied campaigns.

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Inculcating these habits into your lifestyle will surely give you “Healthy Living” and lead you towards the path of growth and development.

Our campaign “Healthy Living” aims at achieving all round development of individuals.

Ek Sankalp is focused at illuminating every section of society with the best usage of available resources.


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