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Role of NGO in Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

Corporate Social Responsibility is now an integral part of corporate. This helps companies to contribute to the betterment of the society, environment and nature. In order to fulfil this dream of corporate, NGOs play a vital role. They handle different social welfare programs and helps companies to gain different benefits. NGOs get a major part of the finance from such enterprises, donors, microfinance institutions, etc. They are best CSR implementation partners who provide the right direction to the funds and implement in a social cause. In India, CSR has gained a new impetus due to the Companies Act 2013. In this act, the companies with over Rs. 1,000 crores should spend a minimum amount on the CSR activities.

Role of NGO as a CSR Implementation Partner –

With the rise in the legal obligations for the corporate, NGOs provide them with the right platform to use the money and track the performance. With this, NGOs have emerged as the best CSR implementation partners and helping to improve the reputation and goodwill of the company. For top companies, giving back to the society or meeting the legal obligation is not the matter for donating, but helps them to spread the popularity of the brand in the market. In most of the situation, NGOs and CSR go hand in hand where the funds provided is spent on women empowerment, literacy, water, environment, sanitation, child rights, etc.

When a company decide to allocate its funds in some social cause, it is necessary to pick the best team that can help to achieve the desired result. Here CSR implementation partners help to allocate funds in the right direction and help to easily track the performance. On the other hand, handling this task by self, corporate has to engage employees and may find it hard to execute the project. Some companies even do not have enough bandwidth to handle these responsibilities to handle CSR responsibilities.

NGOs are best CSR implementation partners as they have enough experts, admission and a cause to work for accomplishing the social responsibility projects. They provide complete training to the candidates, employees and introduce additional manpower to execute different projects. They streamline the activities and customize the solutions. As a corporate, an agency can either provide financial support or other help based on their core service for the social cause. In the past few years, investment and participation of businesses have increased and NGOs successfully helping to execute the CSRs.

How to Identify the Right NGO Partner for CSR Implementation?

When looking for the CSR implementation partners, it is necessary to consider a few factors. There is a long list of NGOs available across the world and it is necessary to find the partner that can easily and effectively execute the allocations of funds and provide the expected result. Ensure that NGO you pick should provide effective monitoring and timely evaluation of the results. Today, some of the big brands have come up with their own trusts that help them to handle and fulfil the CSR. Look for the past performance, social activities and reputation of an NGO before making it a CSR partner.