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Jan Shiksha Evam Sanskar Kendra

Our Ambitious CSR initiative Ek Sankalp

In a will to accomplish our mission of FINDING MORE SCHOOLS hence providing education for all through our ambitious CSR initiative EkSankalp, Our Team visited “Jan Shiksha Evam Sanskar Kendra”,located at Vasundra Sector 17, Ghaziabad.

Here we were greeted by around 5o under privileged studentswho, inspite of their lamentable lives cheered us with hope and their beaming face uttered everything. Their deep desires of living a better life was visible in their efforts of regularly attending this make-shift school.

Team Ek Sankalp spent along time withthese kids and provided them with the much needed motivational support. Our team members shared life experiences of many famous personalities and how they bravely fought and overcame the hardships to achieve their milestones. We also asked students to share their stories and told them the power of hard work and resilience. Many games and fun activities were done along with the distribution of necessary items and stationary stuff.

It was a well spent duration with these little wonders and has motivated us in turn to give more to society by finding more such schools longing for support and help.