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Enable Disables

Enable Disables

It is the right time that all of us attain the insight that people we call disabled are those with tremendous abilities. They are natural problem solvers as the world is not accessible to them. They are capable of making remarkable contributions to society if they are rightly guided. Ek Sankalp has come with a revolutionary initiative of enable ‘disables’ to lend a shoulder to this section of the society to attain great heights

About the mission – enable the disables

Enable ‘Disables’ an initiative from Eksankalp helps to integrate disabled people in the society and aims to offer them inherent opportunities to rise and fly.

Important components of this initiative can be summarized as:

  • Creating a suitable environment for them to get educated and trained through assistive techniques.
  • Designing schools that render inclusive education, with prime focus on disabled children.
  • Training both children and adults with the skills required for meaningful employment
  • Allow the disabled to create new opportunities and technologies based on the existing facilities and based on their experiences.

Advantages to them and to society

Inclusion of people with disabilities is aimed at removing physical, attitudinal and communication barriers. It also helps in hampering the abilities of the disabled to the fullest extent for the benefit of society.

  • They benefit from fair treatment from the society without any discrimination.
  • They are able to realize their dreams and add feathers to their wings.
  • Instills a sense of confidence in them that they are no less than other individuals who live here
  • They don’t just stop with aspirations but are able to give a shape to their dreams and prove themselves in the society
  • They can make use of modified systems and procedures and benefit from societal equality through reasonable accommodations.

From the societal perspective, enabling the disabled people helps to,

  • Eliminate the stigma and stereotype that exist in the society and come to the understanding that people with disabilities are no less than normal individuals.
  • A diverse workforce fosters cooperation and innovation. The society will benefit when all of its members can participate to take it to new heights.

Join the mission

There are a billion people living with disabilities around the world. 80% of the people with disabilities live in developing countries and a major portion of them are the poorest on earth. The worst part is, people with disabilities are excluded from their economic and social life. They have the least access to education and employment. Join the mission to enable the disables and together we can change this scenario and prove that the world is a nice place for all of us to live.

The Need of the hour:

We should join hands to ensure that the quality of life of people with disabilities truly improves. Treat disabled people as independent individuals and power them with education and skills to become respected members of society. There are some best talents out there with tremendous aspirations and broken wings. Let us join hands to boost them and give them a reason to fly high.


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