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Cleanliness Drive

Ek Sankalp – Towards a Cleaner, Greener India!

Ek Sankalp – Towards a Cleaner, Greener India!

Ek Sankalp is an NGO committed to creating a better India. We have taken up a new objective, to clean the railway tracks of India. On both sides of the railway lines, we can see vast amounts of debris littering the path.

It not only pollutes our vision but is extremely harmful to the environment as well.

If each of us takes up the vow to do our bit, we can clean up the garbage in no time. With this aim in view, each of our volunteers has taken up a new Sankalp – the vow to clean up parts of the tracks.

True to the spirit of reuse and recycle, the principal tenets for a greener future, we will transform the garbage into useful items like stationery articles, art and craft artefacts, flowerpots and many more.

From trash to treasure, that is our motto. 

Support our volunteers and encourage them in this endeavour to create a cleaner country for the next generation.


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