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Increasing the reachability of various programmes that are targeted towards the welfare of people is what we always aim at. We all are well aware that most of the corporates are indulged in CSR activities which intend to bring an affirmative change in society but many times these initiatives are run in a hush hush way thus go unapplauded and un-noticed.

Our Team of Ek-sankalp vow to staunchly promote your cause/CSR, once you share your Social welfare programmes with us. Our promotion will help your efforts to reach the needy and in turn your organisation gets recognition and appreciation which it deserves. Visit our website and leave a query; our team will reach out to you and will certain simple steps of registration you can enlist your CSR initiative with us. Rest is our call! We will promote them through meticulous advertisements and programmes and hence your CSR as well as your company will get the much deserved exposure.

Join Hands with Us

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