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Factors to Check While Choosing An NGO For CSR Partnership

Around 67% of all domestic companies in India have chosen an NGO (Non-Government Organisation) for undertaking and completing their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) plans and projects. NGOs have blossomed in India, are worthwhile CSR implementation partners, and currently outnumber police-to-citizen ratio. While there is one policeman for every 943 people in India, there is one NGO for every 600. There are comprehensive varieties within the NGO segment as well, and the nature and kinds of task and the NGOs carry out also differ.Therefore, a company should look into the right aspects and factors for implementing its social responsibility plans.

The Proper Fit       

Looking into aspects including responsible governance, legal compliance, and even financial stability is necessary. But it is also important to look to the extent to which the NGO may fit in the goal. The nature of the work of the NGO, adoption of the reporting procedures, and following of benchmarks should be taken into account.

Looking Beyond The Rankings

Ranking alone may not reveal the suitability of an NGO for CSR. Some NGOs with good government rankings have also been found to lack adequate community-connect, and may also be lacking in experience in the corporate engagement projects. A clear picture of the work of the NGO and its impact on CSR implementation should be visualized and evaluated. Recent activities and long terms trends should be scrutinized.

Adoption of the standard reporting procedure may also make an NGO more favorable. The alignment of the NGO with the company’s CSR activities as well as philosophy also make for necessary aspects that need to be evaluated.