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How CSR contributes to the society through NGOs

Of late, corporates don’t restrict with their business alone but are also contributing towards the social cause. This is called as Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR. They address issues like hunger, education, poverty, etc. This will have a positive impact on the society by encouraging them to contribute towards philanthropy. These corporates contribute 2% of their profits to Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) partnerships so that they can contribute to the society. This CSR NGO partnership is very advantageous to the society in solving many major problems faced by the society.

Statistics says that in India, 43% of children are malnourished and nearly 1.7 million children are drop-outs from the government school for a square meal. They work along with their parents for earning meagre income which will solve their hunger.  Hence, it becomes important to provide these children with mid-day meals so that they can continue their education. For this purpose, CSR NGO partnership plays a vital role.

Some of the CSR activities that are made available through non-profit organisations are as follows:

  1. They might provide funds through philanthropy which is a powerful way of marketing goals which increase the well-being of the mankind. They can go for CSR NGO partnership through which they can achieve the social good.
  2. They can initiate marketing cause through their website where they will advertise so that the public can understand their good work through the society and will also impress the public also to contribute for the social cause.
  3. Through the sponsorships of event through which the company’s staff will get to know about the company and they can also get involved in the social cause.
  4. They can go for innovations as well as project solutions for children.

Through CSR opportunities the company can make a positive impact not only on the environment and its stakeholders, but also make the consumers, employees and investors, etc. contribute to the social cause. CSR also makes the employees to create a positive work place environment and instill in them to care for the society. This will motivate the employees to contribute through philanthropy and will also get involved in charitable causes.