Ek Sanaklp Chemical Pesticide free Unpolished Toor / Arhar Dal (Pigeon Pea)


Type Pesticide Free
Color Yellow
Brand Ek Sankalp
Variety Pigeon Pea
Region Of Origin Maharashtra
Polished UnPolished
Available Pack Type  Packet
Available Pack Size   1 Kg

Product Description 

Best quality chemical pesticide-free polished and unpolished Toor / Arhar Dal (Pigeon Pea)

  • Everyday essentials
  • Unpolished Pesticide Free Daal.
  • Hygienically packed.
  • Cultivated in India, tasty and good for your health.
  • Non-sticky after cooking


Covered under license from Food Safety Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)

Residue-free tested products.

Cultivation of Desi variety genuine seeds.

Ayurveda way and spiritual nurturing of crops.

Live land with complete biodiversity.

We say ‘No’ to chemicals.

Botanical extracts as insect and pest repellent.

Biological pest control techniques.

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Weight 1 kg