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Role Of Non-Government Organizations In CSR

CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility involves the contribution of corporates towards the development and improvement of society. According to the Companies Act 2013, corporates should make a contribution of around 2% off the net profit towards CSR. NGOs or Non-Government Organizations (that are not for profit organizations) can also get and use the funds for social/environment uplift activities. Companies having a net-worth of greater than rupees 500 crores have to make this contribution mandatorily.

The Social and Environment Development Activities Undertaken

The funds that are provided under CSR are used for development issues related to society and are aimed at improving the living conditions of the population, which is poor or socially weak. These funds hence are provided for better and more dignified life for those who are economically weak. Activities related to environmental protection and uplift also fall under CSR.

Where NGOs use the CSR Funds

A good NGO for CSR activities can use the funds for many different purposes. NGOs can use CSR funds towards:

  • Promotion of water, education, health,  and environment, among other aspects and needs.
  • Social empowerment
  • Greater employment generation for employing youth as well as women.
  • The welfare of children.
  • Improving the life of Divyanga (disabled people).

Role of NGOs

The NGOs have the necessary, skills, expertise, reach, determination and personnel to actually implement the CSR and use the funds for social upliftment programs. But they lack the resources for doing so. The association between corporates and NGOs hence forms are a very symbiotic relationship that has many benefits for the society and mankind at large. India ranks among the largest economies of the world. The big businesses and conglomerates have tremendous revenues and can act as a potent growth engine, which can drive social and economic growth. NGOs also leverage their tremendous expertise in this area and can influence local communities as well as government institutions and organizations, for generating the desired results.

Examples of CSR-NGO programs

Nokia has partnered with an NGO and has provided funds for making the schools better and safer in Delhi. IKEA another leading business organization has partnered with an NGO towards the uplift of child cotton laborers who are suffering from various problems in Punjab, Rajasthan, and Haryana. Today corporates and NGOs provide for improvement and betterment of life of many different genders and economic groups.

You can reach to a reputed and credible NGO for CSR activities, and help towards the creation of a better India.