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Winning at all cost is not Necessary

Winning at all cost is not Necessary

Winning is an attitude- Ishan boasted and turned back flashing his smile and trophy of best employee. Deep inside, he knew that the game was not fair as he had made shortcuts and other despicable things to win this award. Something was haunting him, may be his integrity. Was winning at such a cost was necessary?

Every one of us wants to excel; to win but not at all cost. Sometimes it is not all about winning and losing; it’s about thriving on a challenge and imparting your hard work to get it accomplished. At the end of your life you would never regret for passing one more test or not winning one more time but will count on good memories you made.

Learning is perpetual; winning is momentary. One must know how to learn from every effort and failure rather than giving everything for winning. Winning may bring happiness, glory and pride but all is waste if it is on the cost of your ethics or someone else’s happiness. Many times it happens that knowingly or unknowingly, we tend to give immense happiness to someone just by accepting our failure. We should never give up but we should leave if win needs more than just our genuine efforts.

Winning is important for achieving personal excellence but achieving contentment is mandatory. We all have seen in our lives that even after our much awaited win no one stands with us and we remain alone to celebrate it but after failure there are friends to support us and motivate us. So the bottom line is what matters is our attitude towards others, our humbleness and our efforts to achieve.